I. Match each word on the left to its correct definition on the right

1) budding, n 2) crossbreeding, n 3) grafting, n 4) inheritance, n 5) subordinate, adj 6) mold, n 7) mutation, n 8) overlap, v 9) trait, n 10) yeast, n a) the reception of genetic qualities by transmission from parent to offspring; b) a relatively permanent change in hereditary material involving either a physical change in chromosome relations or a biochemical change in the codons that make up genes; c) the procedure of hybridizing or crossing two varieties within the same species; d) a distinguishing quality or an inherited characteristic; e) a fungus (as of the order Mucorales); f) a minute fungus (especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that usually has little or no mycelium, and reproduces by budding; g) to have something in common with; h) a technique of inserting a bud from a plant of one kind into an opening in the bark of a plant of another kind with a purpose of propagating a desired variety; i) a technique of joining a part of a plant or tree onto another plant or tree; j) occupying a lower class, rank, or position; submissive to or controlled by somebody or something.